Earthworms are the perfect pets. They make no noise, eat all our rubbish and live anywhere with dark moist soil.

How to Set up a Home-Made Worm Farm

Choose something durable and preferably cheap like a polystyrene box, rubbish bin, wooden box or crate, old bath tub, or even a washing machine bowl.

  • Place a thick layer of moist shredded or torn newspaper.
  • Mix in some damp manure.
  • Spread a damp layer of crushed leaves and old lawn clippings on top.
  • Add 1000 to 2000 earthworms (1/4 - 1/2 kg).
  • Place a couple of sheets of damp newspaper on top of the bedding.
  • Cover with a sheet of heavy duty black plastic, hessian or shade cloth to keep damp and dark. The cover should sit neatly on top of the bedding without being attached to the box, allowing air in and keeping light out.